Pediatric dentist in Rockville Centre

Pediatric Dentist in Rockville Centre

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Early childhood cavities in Rockville Centre

Pediatric dentist in Rockville Centre
Pediatric dentist in Rockville Centre

When assessing the causes of pediatric dental decay and early childhood cavities, it all comes back to dental plaque. While the full answer is more complex than that, at the office of Dr. Ira Grosser, our pediatric dentist in Rockville Centre goal is to prevent cavities for your child by using all the available tools at our disposal.

Children tend to adore sugar, and they typically have more of it through foods and drinks than adults do. The bad, and unsurprising, news is that sugar is a catalyst for the formation of plaque, which erodes tooth enamel to form those tiny holes, or cavities. If everything works out as it’s supposed to, your child’s primary teeth will fall out on a certain schedule, and his or her permanent teeth will begin erupting around the same time and afterward. Early loss of primary teeth caused by tooth decay can raise complications with that delicate transition. Prevention has many layers, but the first one is to limit her or his sugar intake. Brushing should be done after meals, and flossing once per day is essential. It may be wise to consider a high quality dental rinse, too. Fortunately, our pediatric dentist in Rockville Centre can do more. Plaque is typically not removed 100% even with the best at-home oral hygiene, allowing hardened tartar buildup to develop. A teeth cleaning every six months is important for eliminating tartar and residual plaque. Our pediatric dentist in Rockville Centre also offers fluoride treatments and the application of dental sealants to afford even more protection against dental decay and cavities.

The reality is that there is not an inevitability to pediatric dental decay and cavities. There’s much that can be done. Take a big step toward prevention by contacting our office right now and scheduling an appointment for your child to come in for a twice-yearly dental exam and teeth cleaning.

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